Accelerate innovation with Axian

Architect, develop, and deliver transformational software and data solutions

We design sustainable cloud-optimized solutions from concept to code, and efficiently migrate legacy assets to the cloud. We harness your data assets and AI to help clients measure, manage and gain a competitive advantage.


Axian’s Data Engineering practice focuses on maximizing the outcomes from your data and providing a competitive advantage to your business in a way your development team can successfully support.

We do this by being well-versed in the entire “data value-chain”:

  • Architect & Design your Data Warehouse, Data Lake, or Data structures in ways that aligns to your business strategies & roadmaps.
  • Wield cutting-edge capabilities in Machine Learning, High Availability, Scale, Containerization, Data Lake/Warehousing.
  • Take your existing data and teach it to learn from itself with AI/Machine Learning that can train models allowing you to fully leverage predictive analytics.
  • Authoring data pipelines to curate and consolidate data into accessible data stores.
  • Implementing systems to help power users explore and interact with data related/restricted to their role/function.


Axian’s software engineering practice is all about customer enablement. We’re helping customers bring their services to market by:

  • Authoring/extending web applications with contemporary web technologies.
  • Creating globally scalable APIs to enable SaaS or B2B solutions for customers.
  • Augmenting exiting development teams and helping them improve their expertise in areas of web engineering (e.g. Architecture/Design, SDLC process, Testing, DevOps, Cloud Readiness, Tool chain accelerants).


The Cloud Engineering practice is about enabling tech teams to deliver the same capabilities as a world class IT department. All of our engineering practices make use of cloud technologies to maximize customer value, and scale.

We’re often helping customers:

  • Gain access to massive storage/compute/bandwidth.
  • Solve problems at scale that would be impossible to do in traditional data centers.
  • Scale and deliver offerings to global audiences.
  • Right size their IT spend with usage/benefit.
  • Protect business continuity with high availability/disaster recovery.


Our Mobile Engineering practice makes experiences and capabilities accessible to your users wherever they may be, in the channel they prefer.

Improve your end-user experience/engagement and allow different types of data to be captured with capabilities like:

  • Offline
  • Camera
  • GPS/Locations
  • Accelerometer
  • Biometric Capture
  • App Store and Play Store distribution

Axian can help your business deliver on your promise.

We’d love to bring together our experienced, empathetic, thought leaders and your business challenges to deliver smart, scalable, software and data solutions. Let’s get started..