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Architect, develop, and deliver transformational software and data solutions

We design sustainable cloud-optimized solutions from concept to code, and efficiently migrate legacy assets to the cloud. We harness your data assets and AI to help clients measure, manage and gain a competitive advantage.

Advisory Services

Axian excels at pragmatic, comprehensive, agnostic technology advisory from veteran software professionals. Expert results are delivered with integrity and business focus, aligning technology to the strategic objectives of the parties involved. We dig deep to truly understand and validate hidden issues and opportunities that impact success.

  • Risk Identification and Mitigation Strategies: Suggested solutions for risks associated with the technology, such as security vulnerabilities, cultural or operational inefficiencies.
  • Valuation and Assessment Reports: Comprehensive reporting detailing the value of the technology asset, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Recommendations for Improvement: Enhancements or improvements in technology infrastructure, processes, security measures, or compliance issues may be outlined.
  • Integration Plans (for Mergers/Acquisitions): A roadmap for integrating the technology into the existing systems and processes may be outlined, including timelines and key actions.
  • Cost and Operational Efficiency Analysis: Insights into the operational costs associated with the technology and recommendations for optimizing operations, reducing costs, and improving efficiency.
  • Negotiation Leverage: Uncovering issues or weaknesses in the technology asset may provide leverage for renegotiating terms, pricing, or conditions in business deals.


We modernize and engineer with contemporary cloud technologies in mind. These practices maximize client value and solution scalability – fueling growth.

  • Designing sustainable cloud-optimized and microservice based solutions from concept to code.
  • Authoring/extending web applications with native web technologies.
  • Delivering solutions with current channels, connecting the channel/message/timing to optimize conversion.
  • Creating globally scalable APIs to enable SaaS, B2C or B2B solutions for Clients.
  • Improving internal teams with expertise in areas of web/cloud engineering – Architecture/Design, SDLC process, Testing, DevOps, Cloud Readiness, and Tool chain accelerants).


Implementing APIs with global scale, architected to connect new and legacy assets for optimal interoperability:

  • Designing for the strengths/weaknesses of an entire technology portfolio (holistic perspective).
  • Leveraging current capabilities to maximize utility of existing investments.
  • Applying Engineering practices to help systems play well and adapt to change together (e.g. load leveling, adapting/federating messages, single sign on, data mastering).
  • Designing scalable integration patterns to meet the needs of a variety of business applications.
  • API orchestration facilitating data sharing to optimize higher quality, more robust data, and analytics to solve business challenges and goals.

Insights and Observability

Delivering data engineering, focusing on maximizing the insights from your data.  Observability, producing reliable answers to automate application monitoring/testing/security, continuous delivery, and incident response.

  • Data Organization & Storage.
  • Data Pipeline & Discovery.
  • Analyze synthetic and real user experience data to enhance user experiences.
  • Leverage and interpret the observable data during the software delivery life cycle to build better, more secure, more resilient applications.

Custom Applications

We architect and deliver bespoke, enterprise class solutions to enable your competitive advantage at scale.

  • Fuel your differentiators by enabling what makes you special.
  • Enable innovation that would be impossible to do with traditional COTS applications.
  • Augment established COTS technologies with headless microservice based solutions .
  • Deliver pragmatic solutions your team is equipped to support.
  • Protect business interests without vendor lock in.

Axian can help your business deliver on your promise.

We’d love to bring together our experienced, empathetic, thought leaders and your business challenges to deliver smart, scalable, software and data solutions. Let’s get started..