LegitScript has become the leading source of information and verification about which online merchants operate legitimately, and which do not. Their service offerings include merchant monitoring, internet monitoring, merchant certification, and data relating to high-risk products and websites. LegitScript’s clients include some of the world’s largest search engines, internet platforms, payment companies, and regulatory agencies.

As LegitScript is growing rapidly, they needed to pivot their business systems and technology infrastructure away from expensive and rigid toolsets and platforms that were not scalable or cost-efficient.


The Challenge

LegitScript’s fast-expanding merchant monitoring program and rapid growth in engagement with financial institutions were too much to maintain the status quo technology-wise. They were paying too much for co-location services that could not support their needs or scale with their growth. They needed to shift to a cloud computing paradigm that addressed their increased, and fluctuating data demands. More than a simple lift-and-shift, LegitScript needed help with defining new workflows, tools, and architecture that would leverage cloud capabilities. Their existing staff lacked the right experience in some of these areas.

Troy knew of Axian from previous career stops and projects and made the call to bring them in as an enablement partner to drive this shift. “We needed a partner, no, more of a pillar, to help us pivot to the right cloud computing platform and prepare our systems for the shift,” explains Troy Liesinger, LegitScript’s Director of Engineering.

Completing the Shift

As Axian prepared for the shift to cloud computing they developed a two-pronged approach.

“We needed a partner, no, more of a pillar, to help us pivot to the right cloud computing platform and prepare our systems for the shift,” explains Troy Liesinger, LegitScript’s Director of Engineering.

First, LegitScript needed more than a simple lift and shift, Axian transitioned LegitScript’s entire infrastructure and DevOps function. The project was complicated and data flows were dynamic and variable. Axian retrained key members of LegitScript’s staff to better understand how to leverage cloud computing tool sets and platforms. One of Axian’s solution architects working on the project, mentions, “we helped their team get past old mindsets around moving infrastructure out of the back closets”. By helping LegitScript choose the best-fit cloud platform, Axian both enabled and accelerated their cloud adoption.

An Enabled Future

“Axian quickly became the lynchpin in helping pivot our business”, Troy Liesinger states firmly. “This business pivot was a big gamble for us and we needed a partner that we could lean on heavily. We needed trust and results.”

“As a result of Axian’s help our new systems allow us to ramp up functionality modularly”, explains Troy. “If we hadn’t made this pivot, our business could have failed.”

“Quite simply, Axian has delivered tremendous value to us”, Troy exclaims.

Tremendous additional growth is coming for LegitScript. Their new, scalable cloud solutions will allow for that growth and more, without the failings that their old systems and infrastructure caused. Their Microservices architecture is much more stable and scalable as well. Additionally, the new solutions enable rapid innovation across their operations.

LegitScript can now confidently increase their business with greatly reduced risk and uncertainty.

“Axian really took care of us. They bring great diversity of skills and talent. They are extremely dependable and accountable. We simply could not have pulled this off without Axian and their team of experts,” Troy states proudly.

Second, by leveraging several technologies offered by their new Cloud platform provider, Axian refactored, and in some cases rewrote, LegitScript’s software systems. Axian provided unique expertise in Angular and Node to create a set of solutions that are scalable and future-ready. Tyler Holmes, one of Axian’s senior solution architect says, “we delivered software solutions that provided improved workflows, offered examples for their engineering staff to draw from, and made it easier for their production staff to do their jobs.” Tyler also added, “we set the stage for LegitScript to utilize machine learning as we move forward.”