Culture matters, a lot

Our Company Culture

Axian’s culture empowers and invests in seasoned professionals, fostering authentic teamwork and bringing value well beyond the individual. Work/life balance allows us to give our best in authentic partnerships built with courage, integrity, transparency, and commitment. We have pride in our work, and how we deliver it.




At Axian We Believe...

It's all about the people, not overhead
Do the right thing, really
We demand ownership and commitment to outcomes
Embrace diversity and agnostic solutioning
Change is constant, disruption is the norm, seasoned perspectives are critical to ensure success
With courage, passion, capability, empathy, and partnership anything is possible


With a commitment to servant leadership, it’s all about our people. We pride ourselves on only hiring exceptional talent AND great humans. Our seasoned engineers bring depth and maturity that can come only from delivering numerous projects across multiple environments and clients.




Brian Hranka
I love working for a company I’m proud to talk with my family and friends about. Creating meaningful outcomes, the right way, is awesome!
Tyler Holmes
CTO & Practice Lead
At Axian I can learn and take on interesting challenges that broaden my skills and grow my expertise.
Bryant Alvey
VP Sales and Marketing
I love working for Axian because of the technical experience and excellence of the company. The team at Axian has turbocharged my strong development skills to new heights.
Rob Ferguson
Engineering Director
It's a joy working for a company committed to doing the right thing for its clients and employees. Axian challenges and supports me to be the best version of myself and as a result, I have grown both professionally and personally.
Jenna Morgan
VP of Finance
I love the flexibility and learning about/solving a variety of problems I didn’t know even existed! Axian has taught me how important the intersection of technology and people is.
Jake Bruun
Solution Architect
I’m so happy to be a part of something so much bigger than any of us individually.
Gabe Harris
VP of Engineering & Lead Solution Architect
The culture at Axian is refreshing! The difference is apparent from day 1.
Justin Hart
Solution Architect
I love working for Axian because the flat structure indirectly removes the red tape that you see in a lot of companies today. Allowing our development teams to work lean and efficiently while still having a framework to adhere to.
Todd Parker
Senior Technical Lead
I really enjoy the diversity of the workload, the combined knowledge of all the staff members and the challenges we get to take on for our customers.
Sam Striano
Senior Technical Lead
I love working for a company that recognizes and rewards developers for the hard work they do and provides opportunities to solve technically challenging problems!
Adam Kaplan
Technical Lead
I love the flexibility and learning about/solving a variety of problems I didn’t know even existed! Axian has taught me how important the intersection of technology and people is.
Bryan Love
Senior Technical Lead
Axian is a place where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and I'm proud to be a part of that. There is an air of camaraderie here that every company should aspire to.
Teams that play together, stay together

Ongoing Connections

Why do we have market-leading retention? Perhaps because we are always doing something together; we know investing in our relationships builds bonds that allow us to best partner with our clients. Whether it’s a cycle powered pub crawl, hosting a Magic the Gathering tournament, laughing at bad golf swings, geeking out on 80’s video games, or throwing axes while navigating a cold one, we’re investing in a culture of teamwork, and fun.




Axian can help your business deliver on your promise.

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