About Cayuse

Cayuse sells a suite of products, some of which are internally developed and others acquired.  One of the acquired products was not performing as desired and the Client requested Axian evaluate a variety of areas within the business and the product itself.



Axian’s Product Delivery Director joined to the team to assess team structure, product architecture, development processes, and team member performance.
Specific areas included:
– Code base, design patterns and AWS Architecture choices.
– DevOps, build/deployment techniques, and source code management.
– Product backlog grooming, management structures, cross-team communications, and development leadership activities.



Axian provided guidance to improve team performance, configurability of the product, development practices, and customer escalation support. We also led and advised the team on utilizing industry standard methodologies for sprint team communication, planning, and user story curation.

Axian installed process and communication improvements with the team to address lack of communication and planning. The team was provided examples for better grooming, planning, and urgent issue management.An analysis over multiple sprints of work on team member performance and communication patterns was provided to Engineering leadership.

Industry standard branching methodologies were documented for the team and a backlog created to implement a standard deployment that can be delivered via containers with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) or Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). The provided pattern can be used to reduce the variance in code between development and customer environments as well as provide a standard set of images to speed deployment, thereby providing more stability during UAT and production deployment cycles.

The result of the engagement is a documented and implemented way forward for the product and team.