What Graphic Design Can Teach Us About Software Development

At 30, I’ve spent more of my life as a student than as a “real person”. After a 9 year break from academia, I decided it was time to try being both, enrolling in a Graphic Design course at Portland Community College this spring. While I don’t foresee myself breaking out the T-square in my[…]


October Staff Lunch – Client Equity and SpecFlow

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our October Tech lunch! We enjoyed delicious Middle Eastern food, and listened to outstanding presentations from our fellow team members. First, Shawn Duffy gave a Consultant’s Corner presentation on “Building Equity with Our Clients” to help us build better relationships and communication skills when interfacing with our clients.[…]

Hadoop in 5 minutes

What is Hadoop really? Hadoop is an open source development project managed by Apache.  It is based on some technology originally written by Google.  There are multiple modules (code bases) available and all perform different tasks, but all focused on the primary directive of Hadoop, processing large volumes of data in a highly available environment. […]

Axian Family Fun Day, September Staff Lunch, and New Job Openings

The Axian team has had a very exciting month as we’ve headed into Autumn. August 24th was our annual Axian Family Fun Day. For the second year in a row we gathered with our families at Big Al’s for bowling, fantastic food, casino and arcade games, henna tattoos, caricature portraits, and more! Everyone enjoyed themselves[…]

The Benefits of Doing Nothing

The longer you stay in software, the more technologies you’ll likely see become commoditized. Things that once used to be quite difficult, specialized, and costly inevitably become simple, accessible, and cheap (if not free). Some examples of capabilities that have been commoditized might include: Antivirus CMS’ Source Control Advanced hosting/infrastructure (e.g. Geo-redundant storage, elastic computing,[…]