Machine Learning in Your Browser (sort of)

Azure Machine Learning This month, Microsoft GA’d their offering into the cloud machine learning space, Azure Machine Learning. For those that have done data mining in analysis services, both the workflow and the mining models should be familiar. In A Breath If you haven’t already been briefed, machine learning is often used as a way to[…]

Cloud Pricing: The Race to the Bottom Continues

Monthly Slogan: It’s Never Been Cheaper A lot of our clients use cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon WS, and the Google Cloud Platform. Some are doing BI tasks (think analytics services and storage) while others are hosting their production sites (think 24/7 scaling compute instances). What continues to surprise me is the cadence of recurring price[…]


Which This? If you’ve worked with JavaScript for while, you’ve likely been made aware of the unique power and confusion that comes with the “this” keyword. We’ve been using TypeScript in some of the single-page applications we’ve been working on, and it has a helpful syntax to help you manage the “this” keyword. Examples Consider[…]