Axian Family Fun Day, September Staff Lunch, and New Job Openings

The Axian team has had a very exciting month as we’ve headed into Autumn. August 24th was our annual Axian Family Fun Day. For the second year in a row we gathered with our families at Big Al’s for bowling, fantastic food, casino and arcade games, henna tattoos, caricature portraits, and more! Everyone enjoyed themselves[…]

Sharepoint NCSS: Replace Your Content to Save Your Sanity.

That’s right, SharePoint and The Shining. This is a combo that just works. The insanity starts here … NCSS solutions (No Code Sandbox Solutions, for the uninitiated) are extremely useful for laying in custom SharePoint groundwork. Via these solutions you can easily deploy custom Content Types, Site Columns, List Definitions, even Master Pages, Page Layouts,[…]

Cloud Pricing: The Race to the Bottom Continues

Monthly Slogan: It’s Never Been Cheaper A lot of our clients use cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon WS, and the Google Cloud Platform. Some are doing BI tasks (think analytics services and storage) while others are hosting their production sites (think 24/7 scaling compute instances). What continues to surprise me is the cadence of recurring price[…]