The Data Lifecycle: Enabling Business Growth

Everyone is talking about data, “big data” and analytics. Both the volume and sources of data are proliferating at light speed, particularly with the advent of Cloud infrastructure and the Internet of Things (IoT). Companies, small and large, individuals, and inanimate objects create, save, and utilize data. But is there value in that data and[…]

Usher-ing in the MicroStrategy 9s Upgrade

What’s included in the 9s Upgrade? In January of this year at the 2015 MicroStrategy World conference in Las Vegas, MicroStrategy announced that their latest Analytics platform, MicroStrategy 9s, was now Generally Available.  With this release MicroStrategy has released some significantly improved security enhancements by incorporating their Usher application into the platform’s functionality. What is[…]

Big Data Infrastructure

Big Data Infrastructure Definitions for Business Intelligence and Big Data are a lot like a Picasso or Matisse, abstract & defined by the subjective impressions of the viewer.  However, making Business Intelligence (or Analytics) happen with raw, unstructured, or streaming data pushes us out of the theoretical/abstract and into the tangible delivery focused realm. What[…]

Master Data Management: Why does it matter?

What is Master Data Management? Master Data Management, or MDM, (since every IT person loves TLA’s (three-letter-acronyms) is the process of cleansing all existing, managing the generation of, and governing the entry of information into a database. This process applies specifically to Conformed Dimensions, meaning that MDM doesn’t directly apply to transactional data; rather it[…]

SAP Dashboards: Reduce, Recycle, & Reuse your way to Better Performance

What is SAP Dashboards? SAP Business Objects Dashboards is the 4.x equivalent to what we’ve formerly called Xcelsius.  SAP has made some improvements to this newer version, amongst other things there is now an integrated Query Builder option reducing the dependency on LiveOffice and/or Query as a Web Service. For more information about SAP BusinessObjects[…]