The Benefits of Doing Nothing

The longer you stay in software, the more technologies you’ll likely see become commoditized. Things that once used to be quite difficult, specialized, and costly inevitably become simple, accessible, and cheap (if not free). Some examples of capabilities that have been commoditized might include: Antivirus CMS’ Source Control Advanced hosting/infrastructure (e.g. Geo-redundant storage, elastic computing, … Continued


Installing assemblies into the GAC is no longer straight forward. In the good ol’ days it used to be as simple as dragging a file into the Assembly folder. Or using the gacutil.exe. Neither is available any longer. According to various posts out in the wild wild web, the updated .NET 4 version of gacutil.exe … Continued

Master Data Management: Why does it matter?

What is Master Data Management? Master Data Management, or MDM, (since every IT person loves TLA’s (three-letter-acronyms) is the process of cleansing all existing, managing the generation of, and governing the entry of information into a database. This process applies specifically to Conformed Dimensions, meaning that MDM doesn’t directly apply to transactional data; rather it … Continued