What Graphic Design Can Teach Us About Software Development

At 30, I’ve spent more of my life as a student than as a “real person”. After a 9 year break from academia, I decided it was time to try being both, enrolling in a Graphic Design course at Portland Community College this spring. While I don’t foresee myself breaking out the T-square in my[…]


WebVisions: The Future of the Web, Revealed

  Recently, a few members of the Axian team had the opportunity to attend the WebVisions 2016 conference here in Portland, Oregon. It included a delightful variety of topics which expanded our view of the future of design from many different perspectives, including: design values in business, inspiration from real world materials, practical creativity, the[…]

Responsive Web Design: It is now more critical than ever.

Google’s decision to alter search rankings based on whether a website is Mobile-Friendly or not went into effect on April 21st, and has subsequently caused concern for many businesses. Why are they punishing us? They aren’t – According to Google’s recent statistics: “94% of people in the USA with smartphones search for local information on[…]