February Staff Lunch Overview

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our February staff lunch! We enjoyed connecting with our fellow team members, listening to informative and inspiring presentations given by some of our colleagues, and we had our annual Chili Cook-Off!

First, Scott Brown gave announcements and updates including a list of our current clients and which staff member is working with them, helping us connect with our team members and learn what they are working on. We also celebrated birthdays and work anniversaries this month.

chili cook-off spoon

Then, Shawn Duffy gave a Consultant’s corner presentation called “Stepping Into the Elevator Pitch 2.0.” He gave us tips for communicating our roles and Axian’s capabilities to those we meet in our daily lives.

Our main speaker, Stu Thompson, gave a presentation on Container Driven Software Deployment with Kubernetes and Docker.

We discussed that containers provide isolation, portability, and a host-level separation of concerns. We then explored how Docker provides a framework for managing those containers and how Kubernetes can be used to orchestrate multiple Docker containers in enterprise production scenarios. Where Docker provides container management, Kubernetes provides cluster management, abstracting the responsibility of high availability via managed load balancing, scaling, and networking.

Finally the Chili Cook-Off was a great success with very close results! The winner, Shawn Duffy with Chili Davis”, was presented with the official Axian’s Chili Cook-Off spoon and a gift card.

If you are a current staff member, you can find more information and view the entire staff lunch presentation here. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a part of this exciting team, or want more information on how we can help your business, feel free to contact us.