January Staff Lunch Overview

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our January staff lunch! We enjoyed eating a delicious meal from Zoup, connecting with our fellow team members, and listening to informative and inspiring presentations given by some of our colleagues.

Axian-2017First, Shawn Duffy gave a Consultant’s corner presentation called “Separation of Personal & Business Social Media.” This is a very important topic in an ever increasingly connected world.

Then, Scott Brown and Brian Hranka presented our 2016 business overview. We met our goals from last year in servicing our diverse and successful client base.  Axian will continue to focus on and build success with our clients in the new year.

Then, Tyler Holmes presented our 2017 connections plan overview. We celebrated our engaging  company community events last year as they helped to connect us more as individuals and families, and we have an exciting plan for this year as well, with at least one event happening each month, in addition to our staff lunches.

Finally, Tyler Holmes and Shawn Duffy presented our 2016 Learning and Development recap, as well as our plans for more professional development in 2017. Axian is committed to providing many opportunities for our team to learn and grow in our skills, in order to meet our own professional goals, as well as provide ever increasing value to our clients.

If you are a current staff member, you can find more information and view the entire staff lunch presentation here. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a part of this exciting team, or want more information on how we can help your business, feel free to contact us.