Technology Association of Oregon Event and Career Opportunities

On Saturday July 25, Frank Helle (Axian CEO), in his role as Chair of the Board of Directors for the Technology Association of Oregon, welcomed 415 technology leaders, their guests, and elected officials to the 12th Annual “Party in the Pinot” at Oswego Hills Winery. This ritual of summer for our tech industry is an opportunity to thank TAO Staff, Board Directors, Sponsors, and Volunteers who deliver value to TAO members to help Oregon tech companies thrive, build professional networks, and develop our next generation of tech industry leaders.

Frank noted that TAO membership and participation in TAO programs have grown significantly, validating that TAO provides its members great value for their time and money. And as TAO’s influence expands beyond Portland metro to other areas of the state, the value that TAO is delivering statewide is to organize fragmented tech efforts into cohesive communities, which contribute more to TAO’s vision for an innovation-based economy in our region, with tech as the catalyst for growth.

TAO is focused on helping develop the talent our tech industry needs today, and will need in the years to come:

  • As part of its talent-recruitment effort to fill labor gaps which limit our tech industry growth, TAO has expanded its marketing efforts beyond promoting Oregon as a great place to invest and to do business… to now include promoting Oregon as a great place to work.
  • Looking to the future, TAO is going beyond recruitment alone to fill our talent gaps by building its own talent pipeline with an initiative called “Innovate Oregon.” This initiative is focused on K-12 STEM education on technical skillsets while also nurturing innovation mindsets to ensure Oregon’s tech workers can be both creators as well as problem solvers. Some now refer to this combination as “STEAM” education to reflect whole brain development. The efforts of “Innovate Oregon” will focus outside urban areas and attract young women, people of color, and those under-served by Oregon’s traditional education system.
  • To round out TAO’s efforts to build its own talent pipeline, TAO has put before the legislature a proposal for an Oregon Talent Council to direct where higher-education money is spent by the State, in order to fill specific skill gaps we have in Oregon’s tech industry.

Current Career Opportunities
Are you looking for a place to build a stable tech career in Oregon? Consider Axian! We currently have several exciting open positions. You can read more about them and apply here: