Looking for a place to build a stable career? Consider Axian!

Axian is a company of, by, and for its employees.

Axian’s Values are the collective behaviors (culture) we encourage

  • Communication to ensure alignment
  • Collaboration to leverage the power of the team
  • Caring as proof of a connected community
  • Client-driven to enable their success
  • Continuous-learning to keep pace with ever-changing technologies in demand

Current Career Opportunities

Business Intelligence Team

Portland, OR United States

Senior Front-End Application Engineer

Portland, OR United States

Senior Full Stack Application Engineer

Portland, OR United States

Senior Java Developer

Portland, OR United States

Axian’s Mission is solving client’s business challenges through technology solutions. We strive to make our clients successful while making the world a better place.

Axian invests heavily in our peoples’ professional development to help them grow in an ever-changing marketplace. The solutions we develop in partnership with our clients help educate kids, transform our healthcare system, enable healthier lifestyles, clean the environment, and promote energy efficiency. We compensate employees at market rates and share profits with employees every year. Beyond compensation, we know it’s the interesting work they do that motivates high achievers to create impressive results for our clients.

Axian enables our employees to work on challenges that matter to them and the world, and to make measurable progress every day working with talented colleagues. Mastering their craft while being as self-directed as possible, and connecting what they do to a greater purpose; that’s our recipe for fulfilling careers.