Tech lunch focus for September 2013: Amazon Web Services

Thanks to everyone who attended the Axian Tech Lunch on September 19th, 2013. Our focus was on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Infrastructure.

AWS is the lead cloud computing platform today. We at Axian utilize it for many of our clients in order to dramatically lower infrastructure costs, enable faster solution development, utilize innovative application services, benefit from elastic scaling, and rely on the efficiency of experts. We asked John Hann, a resident AWS Certified Associate, to share his knowledge of AWS, in order to increase our awareness of AWS as a team. He shared a presentation he put together that gave us an overview of the AWS Global Infrastructure, showed us a sampling of the many powerhouse online corporations who are using AWS, including, Netflix, Dropbox, Nasa, PBS, and Pinterest, and he talked about the benefits of using Amazon’s virtual private cloud for hosting and extending Windows domains. He also went into an overview of Amazon’s Web Application Architecture and Analytics Architecture, and finished with an overview of this informative Prezi about AWS Regions and Availability zones.

If you are interested in finding out more about Amazon Web Services and what it can do for your business, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss it with you. If you are interested in joining our team and helping us develop with Amazon Web Services, along with our many other technical skills, check out our job listings here: