PHP, Eclipse and the Zend Framework

So I jumped at the idea of working on a PHP/Zend project.  I mean, who doesn’t relish the thought of developing in a weakly-typed language that seems more like a virtual explosion of the key-word and function factory than an actual language alongside a bloated, overly complex MVC framework?  Throwing caution to the wind, I … Continued

The BI Data Process Overview

“How do you get data organized and stored so that Business Intelligence tools can access and distribute valuable information to the right people at the right time?” I intend to summarize a technique that I have used for several years now and will do a deep dive on each topic in future posts. I adopted … Continued


You’ll Need a Logger For That Although it’s a killer feature, Search is as awkward as ever to troubleshoot inSharePoint 2010. The Event Viewer chatter is pretty meek for troubleshooting, and the Search Center crawler reports have couple minute lag which makes them awkward to work with. The ULS logs can be great, but some … Continued