Beaverton School District

Communication Technologies
Drupal, Jive SBS, MS Sharepoint 2003, MS Sharepoint 2007, MS Sharepoint 2010, Sitefinity and more…
Client Need

Beaverton School District desired the ability to create a unique collaboration environment to empower teachers to provide the best possible instruction and experience for over 40,000 students.
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How Axian Helped

Axian embarked upon a multi phased, collaborative engagement to select a platform, drive best possible user experience design and implement on SharePoint. Through an industry leading development process, Axian facilitated a joint design approach, leveraging a broad and diverse stakeholder set to achieve consensus and a best possible user interface solution.


  • SharePoint 2007
  • .NET
  • Google Analytics

Solution Benefits

Provides collaboration across an entire district of +4,000 teachers. They are able to share ideas around best practices, create lesson plans and assessments coupled with dynamic ‘real time’ capabilities.