BSD Signal to Noise Festival and the Importance of STEAM to our Future

On Thursday, May 14, the Beaverton School district held their annual Signal to Noise Festival, sponsored by Axian. This event encourages kids to develop as whole people through the STEAM philosophy, which highlights the important roles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math in our educational system. Frank Helle (Axian CEO) opened up the presentation of awards with the following message:

“I believe the future belongs to those who possess some degree of technical skills, and just as importantly, an innovation mindset. So I applaud Beaverton School District for giving students the opportunity at S2N each year to express themselves creatively using technology to enable that expression. And I encourage students to refine their use of technology for creative expression and problem solving. Such a combination of art and science will result in a richer life for you as a “whole person,” and likely ensure a more satisfying career as both ‘creator’ and ‘problem solver.’ This combination will provide you advantages in the “innovation-based economy” that lies ahead.”