Tech Day at the Capitol

As TAO Board Chair, on April 8 Frank headed a delegation of sixty tech company execs to Salem to advocate for policies enabling even stronger economic growth for our Region. TAO’s Lobbyist, Beth Cooke, had organized legislative visits in senators’ and representatives’ offices by teams of 2-3 execs to make legislators aware of and to improve their understanding of Bills that have moved their way through Committees and now are in Ways & Means for funding.

House Bill 2728 forms an Oregon Talent Council made up of tech industry execs in concert with WorkForce Oregon and with Business Oregon to direct $15M to higher education to fill critical urgent gaps in our labor force to meet the needs of our rapidly-growing tech industry. HB 2996 would create an Oregon Center of Cyber-Excellence under the Dept of Consumer Business to help businesses and consumers avoid cyber-attacks. Oregon is one of only five States which does not yet have such a Center.

Our Tech Delegation received positive support from all legislators, who were appreciative of data and examples which justify allocating precious State funds to where they will do the most good.