HAL, I think you’re malfunctioning again … 

So here’s the setup: after a complete, stand-alone installation of SharePoint 2013 on a development VM and creation of a new site (let’s call it http://foocompellsyou:8080) via central admin, browsing the configured site returns this lovely message:

"Sorry [Dave], this site hasn't been shared with you."

SharePoint 2013 was installed and setup using the setup and configuration wizard. This had it’s own set of challenges, to be blogged about later.

I went through all of the normal checks post-creation of the new site:

  • Does the account I am logged in as have site administration access? Yes.
  • Are the app pools functioning? If not it would be a different message, but checking it can’t hurt.
  • Are the user policies configured correctly? Yes. In fact, the account I am logging in as has full control.
  • Can I get to http://foocompellsyou:8080/_layouts/settings.aspx? No. Same message.
  • Check the space weather index — anything out of the ordinary? No, it seems normal. For space.
  • What about the default authentication provider?

Ah … here’s something. A default install and creation of a new site will get you a claims-based application, but the default auth provider is set to Windows Auth/NTLM.

Changing this to Kerberos fixed the problem:Image

Hopefully this helps someone!



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