Staff lunch focus for October 2013: The Client Voice & Profit Sharing

Thanks to everyone who attended the Axian Staff Lunch on October 17, 2013. Our main focus was The Client Voice, featuring a guest presenter: Sue Hayes, Senior Director of Digital Commerce and Consumer Information at Nike.

Sue took the time to share with us why she likes working with Axian. Some of Axian’s employees work as contractors for Nike, and Sue appreciates and trusts our process to find the highest quality people who will best fit their needs. Sue stated that she has one of the best vendor relationships with Axian that she has ever had. She especially appreciates Axian’s great communication efforts, including regular status meetings and quick attention to solving problems. She related that the people who have come to work for her from Axian have been integral to their success. She also shared with us that the focus of Nike’s digital future will be building the premier experience for its consumers, and quality resources that are “thought leaders” will be essential. She has appreciated this about Axian’s employees, and wants even more people like this to be a part of her teams in the future. She then challenged all of us to do “more” than just our job descriptions; to also thoughtfully isolate problems and offer ideas on how to do things better. She believes and has experienced that this builds great partnerships, and also makes life more fun for everyone.

Frank also shared with us a brief glimpse of our Profit Sharing results for the past 6 months, which are on the rise. We at Axian share 100% of our profits with our employees, which not only contributes to our overall satisfaction as a team, but also helps motivate us to do our very best and most efficient work for our clients. Frank also reminded us of our mission: to help our clients succeed, to provide fulfilling careers for our employees, and to help all of us provide for ourselves and our families financially. Regarding the latter, next month’s staff lunch will include a seminar on building financial security.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming part of this exciting and successful team, or want more information on how we can help your business like we are helping Nike, feel free to contact us here.