Entity Framework 6: Taming the Open Connection Conundrum

Here’s an Entity Framework scenario for you: You’re using Entity Framework 6. Check. You’re using a custom database initializer to init your DEV and TEST databases. Specifically the DropCreateDatabaseAlways initializer. Yup, that’s me. Your project contains 1 or more Unit Test projects that utilize the above. Do you have a unit test project? Say yes.[…]

Deployment Error: Failed to extract the cab file in the solution.

Deployment woes? Par for the course. I ran into an odd issue today while deploying a SharePoint solution via Visual Studio 2013 to a test SharePoint instance today: Error occurred in deployment step ‘Add Solution’: Failed to extract the cab file in the solution. The only change made prior to deployment was the addition of a[…]

Sharepoint NCSS: Replace Your Content to Save Your Sanity.

That’s right, SharePoint and The Shining. This is a combo that just works. The insanity starts here … NCSS solutions (No Code Sandbox Solutions, for the uninitiated) are extremely useful for laying in custom SharePoint groundwork. Via these solutions you can easily deploy custom Content Types, Site Columns, List Definitions, even Master Pages, Page Layouts,[…]


Issue #1: Ever try to install a local development instance of SharePoint 2013, only to have the configuration wizard conk out around step #4 indicating a timeout error when starting services? Me, too. I cried like an infant with a wet diaper in a childish attempt to project utter discomfort and anguish to anyone or anything within a[…]