Custom Software

Precision results call for custom tailored software solutions.

Use Cases

Axian’s engineering team can tune existing or build new software solutions to improve and enhance business performance.



EZWireless was looking to innovate on how their products were purchased over the internet.

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Footwear Innovation

A footwear company was using a homegrown Excel based tool for managing product development collaboration between Asia and Headquarters. This lead to confusion and delays in the design, development, and engineering processes.

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Interactive Apparel Designer

An apparel company was coming from a solution that was driven entirely by Flash code. Every new garment needed to be coded directly in Flash. The client wanted to be able to add new garments to the experience without engaging software developers to do it and also provide an engaging 3D experience to the user.

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Custom Application Technologies
  • Technologies we specialize in:
    • .NET
    • JAVA
    • Ruby on Rails
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Xamarin
    • Cross Platform Mobile
    • SPAs (Angular, React, Ember, Backbone)
    • Azure/Amazon Cloud

In the Blogs

Our Solutions Architects share thoughts and solutions on tech issues.

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